Chanel Boy Camellia On Quilt Bag

The Chanel Boy Bag gets another face-lift for the Spring Summer 2019 Collection Act 1. And we like the new look because it’s adorned with Camellia Flowers.

The Boy Bag was originally created to be a boyish bag. But with the Camellia Flowers, that feel has been shifted to more girlish. As you can see, the Camellia Flowers are crafted in different shapes, styles and sizes. They have embellished in the center of each diamond quilting.

Some flowers are shinier, others are grainy and there are flowers designed in smooth leather.

This limited Boy Bag is perfect for any woman that loves a distinctive piece, because not everyone will be carrying a flourishing Boy Bag.

More over, this bag is made from super smooth lambskin and adorned with gold hardware. The next question will be; which color are you going to choose?

This bag comes with two sizes ,the small size is 20cm and the medium size is 25cm, you can choose the suitable size four yourself!

More colors and sizes

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