How Big Of A Bag Is The Fendi Baguette Large Bag?

Reinventing the iconic Fendi Baguette Bag with a modern touch is what’s going on here. The FF Motif is the new flaunting tool as well as the oversized FF logo in gold hardware.

The original Baguette Bag was only available in medium size. This bag was a typical ladies bag with a slim body and thin handle. It felt light-weighed and beautiful to carry around.

But as time goes by, the classics need to be reassessed and redesigned. So Fendi ultimately created the large size of the latest Baguette Bag.

But how big is actually this large size?

To give some numbers, the medium size is measured 26 x 14 x 4 (L x H x D) cm while the large size is measured 33 x 18 x 5,5 (L x H x D) cm.

But how does this measured comparing to the Chanel Maxi Classic Bag?

Well, the Chanel Maxi Classic Bag is sized 34 x 23 x 10 cm, which means it’s evenly sized in length, but bigger in height and depth. The Jumbo Classic Bag is sized at 30 x 20 x 10 cm, which means that the Large Baguette Bag is bigger.

So the conclusion is that the Fendi Large Baguette Bag is a bit smaller than Chanel Maxi Classic Bag but certainly bigger than the Jumbo Classic Bag.

Instead of looking at numbers, let’s look at the pictures:

Check out the 3 sizes here: small, medium and large. Take a look how big the Baguette Large Bag is. It’s quite huge but then again, not extremely big like the Chanel XXL Bag.

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Chanel Sneakers

Heels are sexy, flats are fabulous, but if you want to walk comfy and easy, then wear a pair of sneakers.

Sneakers are best for casual days or for gym. They are ideal for travelling as well and whenever you need to do a lot of walking.

So for those that are hunting for sneakers, we have some good news here.

In general, Chanel releases new designs in every season. But the basic elements are the same; there are classic sneakers, hi-top sneakers and running/sports sneakers. Take a look below and the latest information:

Chanel Classic Sneakers

Chanel Hi-Top Sneakers

Chanel Sports Sneakers

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Louis Vuitton Grenelle Bag

Fashion never sleeps; the Louis Vuitton Grenelle Bag is the newest One Handle Bag that will help you shine in the upcoming summer. This bag is introduced for the Spring Summer 2019 Collection.

The Grenelle Bag features a curvy handle but it also comes with a thick and long strap for over-the-shoulder or cross-body wear. It’s a true lady bag that’s structured and elegant for everyday use.

The body is made with grained Epi Leather while the center is crafted with a colored LV logo. This bag is clean, stream-lined and it holds shape. And also, it comes with a chic tag that’s attached to the handle.

Inside you will find 1 main compartment with a zip pocket.

More colors

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Louis Vuitton New Wave Camera Bag

Louis Vuitton launches the New Wave Camera Bag, which is a new addition to the New Wave Collection that already includes the shoulder bag, tote bag and the heart bag.

This Camera Bag is crafted in quilted calfskin with the Wave Pattern on the body. The center comes with the latest LV logo as well as the multicolor Vuitton signature zip strap that brings a modern feel. Store your essentials in the interior or in the front flat pocket for quick access.

More images

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Dior x Kaws Bag Collection

Dior collaborates with the famous Kaws, so the X Kaws series was born.

While the house categorized these handbags as men’s bag, the cute pink and adorable bee’s make it unisex. There are different styles including waist bag, tote bag and backpacks. So which one do you like the most?

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Louis Vuitton New Rivoli Bag

Hello Rivoli, but wait. Is that really the Louis Vuitton Rivoli Bag?

The Rivoli Bag got a new update and some parts of have been replaced. But does it look better or worst? Let’s take a compare the old with the new one.

1. The old Rivoli Bag is crafted with smooth leather on the top and side. The new Rivoli Bag is made entirely in Monogram Canvas.

2. The old Rivoli Bag features a tag, but the new one doesn’t have that. However, both have the iconic lock crafted in the center. The lock is hidden behind a leather signature patch.

3. The handle colors are also different, but that’s because the new Rivoli Bag is made with Monogram Canvas.

4. The expanded sides are of these bags are also re-shaped. The old Rivoli feels more like the sides are pushed out.
But the good thing is that both come with a long leather strap for shoulder carry.

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Chanel Gabrielle Backpack

Backpacks are the new trend in fashion. It’s a must-have for a lot of fashion obsessed and we fully understand that. The problem is that there are too many choices and noises. But if you stop and ask the fashion police, she will tell you that there is no other like the Chanel Gabrielle Backpack.

Let us make it clear here. When it comes to investing in a Bag for the Back, fashionista’s will jump onto the Gabrielle Bag. And it’s for a good reason.

Not only is it ‘Chanel’, but also the bag has great built-in multipurpose functionalities. It makes a great everyday bag, travel bag, workbag, weekend bag or special occasion bag. You name it! And everyone would be looking, because it’s embellished with elements of the classics. And combine that with the fame that the Gabrielle is receiving, you will be so proud to carry one.

Even tough it’s called the Chanel Gabrielle Backpack, it can be used for different purposes. Obvious the first option is to carry it on the back, the second option is to wear on the shoulder, and third option is to carry it cross body by using 1 chain. And also, the drawstring creates an extra layer of security, to protect your important essentials inside.

So why would you get the Gabrielle Shoulder Bag, if the Backpack has everything you need?

And about the design. The bag comes with a quilted body, crafted with smooth leather bottom. With the CC logo built on the front center, the purpose is to make it feel like a boyish handbag, inspired by the ideas of the original founder Gabrielle Chanel.

The smallest size is the cutest and nevertheless, the interior is still spacious. Inside you will find 1 big compartment with a patch pocket.

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Louis Vuitton Trendy Crossbody Bag

Some handbags are created to brag, some are designed for daily use. The Louis Vuitton Trendy Crossbody Bag is made to become your everyday handbag. This bag is solid, stylish and practical because of the multiple pockets. Introduced for the Spring Summer 2019 Collection, let’s see what this bag is about.

The Trendy Crossbody Bag is a compact flap bag crafted from the iconic Damier Ebene Canvas. Contrasting details have been embellished on the supple, small grain leather.

You can carry the bag in multiple ways thanks to the top handle and the adjustable shoulder strap. The center part is crafted in leather, featuring a magnetic flap closure and ornamental buckle for extra security.

The bag also comes with a chic keybell.

Either carry this Trendy Bag for casual days or for work. Especially the interior is quite useful because it comes with 2 inside compartments, front flat pocket and flat pocket for holding your long wallet and everyday essentials.

More colors

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The Best Chanel Phone Cases Of This Year

Chanel has been one of the frontrunners in fashion and tech. The collaboration with Monster Headphones in 2014 was not an accident. Chanel understood the changes that were coming in the future. Fashion tech is going to be the new trend and so the French fashion house created one of the first Phone Cases in the Spring Summer 14.

At that time, Chanel was experimenting, because who would pay $1450 USD for a Phone Cover? Wouldn’t you rather invest that in a Chanel WOC?

And there is another flaw. New phones tend to change in size and look. The $1450 USD Phone Case that you have purchased might not fit after you upgrade to a new model.

But anyways, we belief the trend has been set and will only get more popular in the coming years. We also belief that Chanel might have created a pack of Phone Cases as a permanent edition.


Because they look incredible classic and timeless. And how many styles of Phone Holders can you create? Not many!

Below we will be listing the top Phone Cases. We will also add additional styles in case you don’t own an iPhone. In the end of the chapter, we’re going to list one of the major release of Phone Covers by Chanel, which happened in 2014.

Chanel Classic Phone Case

Style code: A83564

Fits with iPhone 7, 7+, 8, 8+, X

Chanel Classic Foldable Phone Case

Style code: A83567

Fits with iPhone 7, 7+, 8, 8+, X

Chanel Classic Phone Pouch

Originally created for iPhone, but it also fits the Samsung Phone and other phones.

Style code: A81598

Fits with iPhone: 7, 7+, 8, 8+, X, XS
Fits with Samsung: S8, S8+ S9, S9+, S10, S10+

Chanel Classic Phone Clutch With Chain

This Clutch With Chain can be used as a small handbag, but it also fits a phone. The back comes with a back pocket.

Style code: A70655

Fits with iPhone: 7, 7+, 8, 8+, X, XS
Fits with Samsung: S8, S8+ S9, S9+, S10, S10+

Chanel Phone Clutch With Chain

Another Clutch with Chain that can be carried as a shoulder bag. However, the shape is ideal to use as a Phone Case.

Style code: AP0009

Fits with iPhone: 7, 7+, 8, 8+, X, XS
Fits with Samsung: S8, S8+ S9, S9+, S10, S10+

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Louis Vuitton KeepAll Prism Bag

The Louis Vuitton KeepAll Bag has once again been restyled for a more glamorous appeal. The new colorful take is designed by the artistic director Virgil Abloh. The idea is to combine his youthful vibrancy with timeless elegance of Louis Vuitton.

Crafted from Monogram Embossed PVC, the shimmering body (which looks much like the oil-slick style) is definitely eye-catching.

And of course, this KeepAll Bag does not need any introduction. It’s as famous as the Speedy Bag, but it has a bigger interior compartment and can carry a lot of stuff. Perhaps it can also be used as an ideal travel bag.

You can carry this bag on the shoulder thanks to the removable strap or use the top handle for hand carry.

This bag is measuring 50x29x23cm, it is available at my online store , if you love it , please feel free to contact with me ! Top quality with good price!

More images

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