Louis Vuitton New Rivoli Bag

Hello Rivoli, but wait. Is that really the Louis Vuitton Rivoli Bag?

The Rivoli Bag got a new update and some parts of have been replaced. But does it look better or worst? Let’s take a compare the old with the new one.

1. The old Rivoli Bag is crafted with smooth leather on the top and side. The new Rivoli Bag is made entirely in Monogram Canvas.

2. The old Rivoli Bag features a tag, but the new one doesn’t have that. However, both have the iconic lock crafted in the center. The lock is hidden behind a leather signature patch.

3. The handle colors are also different, but that’s because the new Rivoli Bag is made with Monogram Canvas.

4. The expanded sides are of these bags are also re-shaped. The old Rivoli feels more like the sides are pushed out.
But the good thing is that both come with a long leather strap for shoulder carry.

So what do you think? Which bag do you like more? This bag is available at my online store , if you are interested, welcome to contact with me ! Top quality with good price!

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