Gucci Super Mini Dionysus GG Supreme Bag

What’s a size smaller than a Mini? The Extra Mini Bag or the Super Mini? Both are small handbags. And if you are addicted to everything downsized, then we have got some great news for you. The Gucci Super Mini Dionysus GG Supreme Baghas a long name, but it will melt your heart like an ice cream.

We don’t need to introduce the Dionysus GG Supreme Bag, do we? It’s already well known in the Gucci community. The Dionysus Bag is one of the smartest and most beautiful modern bags in high fashion. But we got some news; there is a Super Mini version and it’s stunning! Can you imagine? This bag in an extra small size? Don’t blame Gucci when people around you start glazing and getting jealous. Anyways, let’s see how Super Mini it is.

Let’s compare the Gucci Super Mini Dionysus Bag with the Chanel New Mini Classic Bag.

Chanel New Mini Classic Bag is measured: 8’ x 5’ x 2’ inches.

Gucci Super Mini Dionysus Bag is measured: 6.5’ x 4’ x 1.5’ (W x H x D) inches.

I think the message is clear. The Gucci Super Mini is truly the winner here. It’s smaller than Chanel’s New Mini Bag. Now let’s talk details:

This bag is made with resistant textured leather for optimal durability. It’s completed with the iconic tiger head spur closure and enriched with Swarovski Crystal Stones.

It comes with a chain strap of 23.5’ inch drop, so it can be worn cross body. And as final, it also equipped with a pin closure with side release and a key ring to attach this Super Mini Bag to a separated larger bag as an extra storage.

Wow! So this bag can be used in multiple occasions. Do you like it ? It is avaliable at my online store, if you want to have one for yourself ,welocme to contact with me !


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