Celine Tote Bag 2.0 And Fall Winter 2019 Bag Preview

As a part of the Celine Fall Winter 2019 Collection, the Celine Tote Bag 2.0 will be at the center of the release. The expectations are high, so will this bag manage to join the iconic bag of the house?

Phoebe Philo might disagree with the design because she might not like the large logo embellished on the front. However, the logo is balanced in neutral color matching with the background. The logo is not too big or too small.

This bag is the next version of the Made In Tote Bag, which is also crafted with the same logo style. But the new version looks much chic’er and easy to match or use on daily basis. It also includes a lock.

So what do you think? Are you ready for the next Celine bag collection?

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