Chanel Chain Infinity Handle Bag


You adore the Coco Handle Bag? Or you just like any Handle Bag made from Chanel. Well, there is a new one in town and it’s called the Chanel Infinity Handle Bag. I definitely like this style.

The price is not much different than the Coco Handle Bag, but the style is totally different. The Handle is decorated with the woven chain leather strap, which is not only for the eyes to see, but it can really be used as a shoulder strap.

If you look at the CC logo, the concept is actually about the woven chain leather strap. Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s named Chain Infinity – meaning endless of chains.

The design is nice, but the bag is also made for everyday use. The back comes with a backpocket with ample organized inside pockets for daily use. We also love the red/burgundy color of the interior.

It is also came out with many other colors. Which color do you prefer?

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