Chanel Coco Neige Chain Around Bag

Inspired by winter sports and après-ski, a new vision of Karl Lagerfeld, the Chanel Coco Neige Chain Around Bag is one of the latest additions from the Coco Neige 2019 Collection.

So what’s unique about the Coco Neige?

Well, the design but more importantly – the material.

Karl wasn’t thinking about the Summer or Winter, he was thinking about mountains and lots of snow. The material used for crafting any Coco Neige Bag needs to be useful in places like après-ski, thus this new Chain Around Bag is made either from Satin or Wool Tweed.

The Chain Around decor was already well-known, but this style is brand-new. The soft edges and the nicely curved flap matches beautifully to the iconic smooth CC logo.

The inside is rather simple, just 1 big main compartment to hold all your daily stuff.

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