Chanel Trendy CC WOC 2019

 We thought it was quite interesting to feature an existing design with different twist. The Chanel Trendy CC WOC has become one of the top styles in the Wallet On Chain Collection. However, Chanel has created a new choice – they added large quilting to change the overall look. Will it become our new love or not?

So now we can choose the small quilting versus large quilting of the Trendy CC WOC. The large quilting WOC is made from lambskin, which is the same leather as the small quilting version. The diamond quilting has always created the chic appeal on the handbags. It’s the secret ingredient of Chanel. I do feel that the small quilting looks much chic’er than the large quilting. That’s just my personal opinion.

Besides the body design, the other parts of the Trendy CC Bag remain the same like the CC logo, the large gold plated signature on the top. Both are fabulous handbags and perhaps you would like to have a different style in your wardrobe.

So which one do you think looks better?

More colors


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    1. Hello I’m interested to know the price please also do they have a serial number inside the bag please o have not received a reply thank you

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