Chanel CC Chic Bag

Bold and shimmering, the latest Chanel CC Chic Bag is sophisticated thanks to the detailed designs. It’s a new bag from the Pre-Fall 2019 Collection, a seasonal piece but it’s not much cheaper than the Classic Bag.

The CC Chic Bag is a unique piece; it’s ideal for the casual moments as well as the special occasions. The front comes with large enamel CC Clasp, which has the same color as the bag. The body is diamond quilted and the double flap is displayed vividly. Carry the bag around your shoulder or cross body with the woven chain leather strap.

More colors

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Louis Vuitton Mini Boîte Chapeau Bag

One might think that the Petite Boîte Chapeau Bag is the smallest size, but not anymore. Just recently, Louis Vuitton added the Mini Boîte Chapeau Bag as one of their mini leather accessories, comparable to the Wallet On Chain Bags.

The Boîte Chapeau belongs to the classic collection because it’s inspired by the Boîte à Chapeaux, the hat bags. The Mini Version is even more adorable due to its size and unique shape. It’s something different than the small rectangle shaped WOC yet perfect to carry from day to night. There are different leather options and colors to choose, and also: it comes with a long leather strap that gives you to the option to wear cross body or even as a belt bag. The strap can be removed of course.

And take a look at the inside. The cross quilting-like patterns are stunning. Besides that it features 1 main compartment, 2 large gusseted compartments, 1 middle card slot and a chic nametag.

It is measuring 13x12x6.5cm, alos comes out with other color.

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Chanel Handle Camera Case

Have you seen the new Chanel Handle Camera Cases in the Pre-Fall 2019 Collection? These beautiful pieces were the highlights of the runway. They are both playful and elegant. They are the alternative choices of the evening clutches or small daily bags.

The Handle Camera Cases are built with round shape like an egg. It’s crafted with a stunning bigger-than-usual handle on the top for hand carry, however it also comes with a woven chain leather strap for shoulder carry.

The body is diamond quilted while it’s refined with the CC logo in the center. More over, it also comes with a CC charm zip for accessing to the interior.

There are different sizes and styles available including grained metallic lambskin or even in Tweeds. Every style is shimmering in multicolor and very eye-catching. Take a look at the details below:

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Chanel Espadrilles Pre-Fall 2019 Collection

It’s shoe time, let’s do it! Are you looking for new pair of Chanel  Espadrilles? The Pre-Fall 2019 Collection looks fabulous.

The theme for this season is Ancient Greeks and the culture is related to gold and mixture of Scarab-inspired colors like red, blue and yellow. With these knowledge, check out the 1st and the best Espadrilles of this season below:

Chanel Ancient Greek Espadrilles

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Chanel All About Chains O Case


For the Pre-Fall 2019 Collection, Chanel reinvented the O Case. And because this pouch looks so different, it got its own name. Meet the Chanel All About Chains O Case.

With just one look, it’s easy to understand why it’s called ‘All About Chains’. The pouch has the same body like the regular O Case Bag with diamond quilting and a zipper on top. The bag is also made from lambskin, which is a nice soft leather. But it’s really all about the chain and you need to love it.

There are 5 different chains crafted on the front.
– The woven chain leather strap in gold hardware
– The woven chain leather strap in silver hardware
– Necklace-like chain in gold hardware with charms
– Necklace-like chain in silver hardware
– And another gold chain with more charms attached

The back also comes with a back pocket. It’s a beautiful flaunting bag, because it will attract attentions wherever you go.

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Chanel Camellia WOC

The love story of Camellia will always be part of Chanel and the Camellia WOC is not a new design. However, we do appreciate this WOC because of the flower quilting .

The Chanel Camellia WOC is for the true lady. The design feels soft and feminine yet chic and classy. The Camellia Quilting is gorgeous and matches perfectly with pink.

So for those that are interested, here are the details:

The style code is A82336, measuring 19cm,it also come out with other color.

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Chanel North South CC Filigree Bag


Remember the North South Casual Trip & Boy Bag? It’s time to introduce the Chanel North South Filigree Bag. It’s a new bag from the Fall Winter 2019 Collection and in this post.

Some basic info’s: this CC Filigree Vanity Case is made from grained calfskin, which is a durable leather. The design looks almost identical to the Vanity Case, but the shape is just different. We love the top handle but we absolutely adore the CC lock that comes with a key (key belt).

And here are the other details:

This bag has the style code AS0988, measuring 17x13x7cm. It also comes out with many other colors.

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Louis Vuitton Neo Square Bag

Meet the Louis Vuitton Neo Square Bag, it’s a new seasonal piece in an unique shape yet very practical to use as an everyday bag. Created for the Fall Winter 2019 Collection, the design is combined with iconic elements.

The Neo Square is built in a cube shape, it features modern detailing with the house’s traditional symbols like the iconic S-lock. Overall, the bag is made to be as supple and light as possible with Taurillon leather. And while it can be carried by hand thanks to the leather handles, it also comes with a removable and adjustable strap for shoulder carry.

The front flap also opens with an envelope pocket, the top features a double zip opener and the back is made with an extra flat pocket.

Inside you will find the main compartment including a flat back pocket. Measuring 18X16X15cm.

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Louis Vuitton OOTHEGO Limited Edition Bags

Today let’s learn a new bag which is perfect for travel.

First let’s talk about the Louis Vuitton On The Go Bag. There is more than the eyes can see. The front is crafted with the new Giant Monogram Canvas, but the edges are refined with classic small Monograms. More over, the sides are dark blue while the front is light blue. The back is made in dark blue as well, but the most important details might be the round logo embellished on the front left. This logo reads: ‘Louis Vuitton 1854’.

For those that are interested, measuring 41 x 34 x 19 cm.

And one more thing about the On The Go Bag. You can transform the handles from short to long. So this is a two-in-one bag, a tote + shopping bag.

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Gucci Marmont Bucket

We think the Gucci Marmont Bucket Bag might be THE best bucket bag available right. The design is both gorgeous and iconic looking.

We love the GG Marmont style with matelassé leather in vibrant color. The leather feels thick and solid, but really, the beauty is in the details, like the archival design from the 1970s, which represents the hallmark era of the House. The Double G decorates the front of the bag, which is also designed for flaunting.

But let’s talk about the inside because bucket bags are well-known for holding plenty of essentials. Inside you will find 1 main compartment and 2 card slots. The bag opens and closes thanks to the drawstring closure.

The chain strap for shoulder carrying is measured 60cm drop, the mini size of this bag is 19 x 17 (W x H) cm.

More colors

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