Chanel Embossed Chevron Boy Bag

I really adore the Boy Bag and it keeps amaze me with new looks. The Chanel Boy Embossed Chevron Bag is one of the new styles to look for. If you want to switch taste from diamond quilting to chevron, then take this opportunity to carry a new design.

Maybe the Embossed Chevron is a bit different than the regular Chevron, but the iconic details remain the same including the feel. And just like every classic, this value of this bag will keep going up throughout the years.

What’s special about the Embossed Chevron is that the Quilting is popping out, which is very eye-catching. It’s also made from calfskin, which is like the Caviar leather but softer. So what do you think? Is it a good choice or not?

Here are the details:


It has two sizes , the small size is measuring 20cm , the medium size is measuring 25cm . It come up with many other colors.

So is it worth your investment? They are avaliable in my online store , top quality with good prices, welcome to contact with me !

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