Celine Horizontal Cabas Canvas Logo Print Bag

You might have remembered our previous post about the new Celine Canvas Bag. Well, we’re going to do a full detail about this handbag.

The Celine Horizontal Cabas Bag is the new Canvas Chic. It looks minimalistic while it’s embellished with the Celine Print in the center, which is perfect for the city trips or summer beach moments. The handles as well as the keybell are both made from calfskin leather. It also comes with a padlock in gold hardware.

The interior is made with 1 main compartment including an inner zipped pocket.  Measuring 44x32x16cm.

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Celine Tote Bag 2.0 And Fall Winter 2019 Bag Preview

As a part of the Celine Fall Winter 2019 Collection, the Celine Tote Bag 2.0 will be at the center of the release. The expectations are high, so will this bag manage to join the iconic bag of the house?

Phoebe Philo might disagree with the design because she might not like the large logo embellished on the front. However, the logo is balanced in neutral color matching with the background. The logo is not too big or too small.

This bag is the next version of the Made In Tote Bag, which is also crafted with the same logo style. But the new version looks much chic’er and easy to match or use on daily basis. It also includes a lock.

So what do you think? Are you ready for the next Celine bag collection?

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A New Member Of Belt Bag-Celine C Charm Belt Bag

The Celine C Charm Belt Bag is a new addition to the C Charm Collection, which includes the C Charm Bucket Bag, C Charm Camera Bag and the C Charm Pouches.

It’s a new thing, but this Belt Bag is crafted with part block quilting and part smooth leather. It’s made with 100% calfskin, which is a durable and impeccable leather.

The block quilting gives a chic feel boasted with the C Charm zip puller. This handbag is perfect for daily use, or for carrying important documents when you’re travelling.

More over, it can be carried in multiple ways, including Belt carry, cross-body carry or shoulder carry.

The interior comes with 1 main compartment and inner card slots.

More colors

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Celine Fall 2019 Bag Preview

With the new creative director on board, you never know what kind of new designs are going to be released next. Celine has undergone a new transformation, following a new vision. So for the Fall 2019 Bag Collection, there will be new prints available.

This new print looks just like the CC clasp of the Triomphe Bag, maybe it will be called the Triomphe Monogram as well or CC logo print.

There are more new styles, like this flap bag featuring a long leather front strap in exotic leather. This bag feels classic yet refreshing.

And there are more:

Do you like these bags ? Is there any one can catch your eyes or melt your heart? Haha, welcome to leave comments to me !