Chanel Trendy CC WOC 2019

 We thought it was quite interesting to feature an existing design with different twist. The Chanel Trendy CC WOC has become one of the top styles in the Wallet On Chain Collection. However, Chanel has created a new choice – they added large quilting to change the overall look. Will it become our new love or not?

So now we can choose the small quilting versus large quilting of the Trendy CC WOC. The large quilting WOC is made from lambskin, which is the same leather as the small quilting version. The diamond quilting has always created the chic appeal on the handbags. It’s the secret ingredient of Chanel. I do feel that the small quilting looks much chic’er than the large quilting. That’s just my personal opinion.

Besides the body design, the other parts of the Trendy CC Bag remain the same like the CC logo, the large gold plated signature on the top. Both are fabulous handbags and perhaps you would like to have a different style in your wardrobe.

So which one do you think looks better?

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Chanel Coco Neige Chain Around Bag

Inspired by winter sports and après-ski, a new vision of Karl Lagerfeld, the Chanel Coco Neige Chain Around Bag is one of the latest additions from the Coco Neige 2019 Collection.

So what’s unique about the Coco Neige?

Well, the design but more importantly – the material.

Karl wasn’t thinking about the Summer or Winter, he was thinking about mountains and lots of snow. The material used for crafting any Coco Neige Bag needs to be useful in places like après-ski, thus this new Chain Around Bag is made either from Satin or Wool Tweed.

The Chain Around decor was already well-known, but this style is brand-new. The soft edges and the nicely curved flap matches beautifully to the iconic smooth CC logo.

The inside is rather simple, just 1 big main compartment to hold all your daily stuff.

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Chanel Chain Leather Link Bag

My favorite bag from the Fall Winter 2019 Collection is the Chanel Chain Leather Link Bag. It’s a seasonal piece, but it’s truly love at first sight. The design is more than just Chanel if look beyond the details. The body shines, the chain is attention-grabbing and it’s a new style.

Take a deeper look. The Chain is purposely designed to be large and it’s very much like the Boy Chain. But there is more. The Boy Chain is connected with 3 woven chain leather links. The center chain-leather piece is black while the other two is red. Can you see that?

Even tough the bag is made from lambskin; the leather is durable, of course not as strong as calfskin leather, but the lambskin does give the bag a nice structure.

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Chanel Chain Infinity Handle Bag


You adore the Coco Handle Bag? Or you just like any Handle Bag made from Chanel. Well, there is a new one in town and it’s called the Chanel Infinity Handle Bag. I definitely like this style.

The price is not much different than the Coco Handle Bag, but the style is totally different. The Handle is decorated with the woven chain leather strap, which is not only for the eyes to see, but it can really be used as a shoulder strap.

If you look at the CC logo, the concept is actually about the woven chain leather strap. Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s named Chain Infinity – meaning endless of chains.

The design is nice, but the bag is also made for everyday use. The back comes with a backpocket with ample organized inside pockets for daily use. We also love the red/burgundy color of the interior.

It is also came out with many other colors. Which color do you prefer?

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Chanel So Black Gabrielle Bag

Adding to the limited edition So Black Collection, the Chanel Gabrielle Bag has just joined the party. For the Fall Winter 2019 Collection, the chevron version has been introduced in beautiful aged calfskin.

Aged calfskin is special leather that’s mostly used on the Reissue 2.55 Bag. The leather is durable and feels a bit crumple and wrinkle, however that’s the idea.

The Gabrielle Bag has become as popular as the Boy Bag. It’s a must-have for anyone who loves Chanel. And there is a So Black version available. The So Black is made in black leather and black hardware, which is considered a unique combination due to its scarcity. Also, when the season is over, the So Black Gabrielle will be temporary discontinued and nobody knows when it will be released again.

There are 2 sizes of the So Black Gabrielle introduced. The small size eis 20cm and the big size is 28cm.

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Chanel CC Chic Bag

Bold and shimmering, the latest Chanel CC Chic Bag is sophisticated thanks to the detailed designs. It’s a new bag from the Pre-Fall 2019 Collection, a seasonal piece but it’s not much cheaper than the Classic Bag.

The CC Chic Bag is a unique piece; it’s ideal for the casual moments as well as the special occasions. The front comes with large enamel CC Clasp, which has the same color as the bag. The body is diamond quilted and the double flap is displayed vividly. Carry the bag around your shoulder or cross body with the woven chain leather strap.

More colors

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Chanel Handle Camera Case

Have you seen the new Chanel Handle Camera Cases in the Pre-Fall 2019 Collection? These beautiful pieces were the highlights of the runway. They are both playful and elegant. They are the alternative choices of the evening clutches or small daily bags.

The Handle Camera Cases are built with round shape like an egg. It’s crafted with a stunning bigger-than-usual handle on the top for hand carry, however it also comes with a woven chain leather strap for shoulder carry.

The body is diamond quilted while it’s refined with the CC logo in the center. More over, it also comes with a CC charm zip for accessing to the interior.

There are different sizes and styles available including grained metallic lambskin or even in Tweeds. Every style is shimmering in multicolor and very eye-catching. Take a look at the details below:

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Chanel Espadrilles Pre-Fall 2019 Collection

It’s shoe time, let’s do it! Are you looking for new pair of Chanel  Espadrilles? The Pre-Fall 2019 Collection looks fabulous.

The theme for this season is Ancient Greeks and the culture is related to gold and mixture of Scarab-inspired colors like red, blue and yellow. With these knowledge, check out the 1st and the best Espadrilles of this season below:

Chanel Ancient Greek Espadrilles

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Chanel All About Chains O Case


For the Pre-Fall 2019 Collection, Chanel reinvented the O Case. And because this pouch looks so different, it got its own name. Meet the Chanel All About Chains O Case.

With just one look, it’s easy to understand why it’s called ‘All About Chains’. The pouch has the same body like the regular O Case Bag with diamond quilting and a zipper on top. The bag is also made from lambskin, which is a nice soft leather. But it’s really all about the chain and you need to love it.

There are 5 different chains crafted on the front.
– The woven chain leather strap in gold hardware
– The woven chain leather strap in silver hardware
– Necklace-like chain in gold hardware with charms
– Necklace-like chain in silver hardware
– And another gold chain with more charms attached

The back also comes with a back pocket. It’s a beautiful flaunting bag, because it will attract attentions wherever you go.

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Chanel Camellia WOC

The love story of Camellia will always be part of Chanel and the Camellia WOC is not a new design. However, we do appreciate this WOC because of the flower quilting .

The Chanel Camellia WOC is for the true lady. The design feels soft and feminine yet chic and classy. The Camellia Quilting is gorgeous and matches perfectly with pink.

So for those that are interested, here are the details:

The style code is A82336, measuring 19cm,it also come out with other color.

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