Hermes 24/24 Bag

It drew everyone’s attention during the Pre-Fall 18 runway. When it was finally released on the official website, the Hermes 24/24 Bag was sold-out.

Imagine the demand, its like Birkin and Kelly all over again.

It also feels like this new bag is going to be the star in the upcoming years, and perhaps it’s going to be the next iconic as well.

The fans went wild. Some were saying that this bag is as hard to get as the Birkin and Kelly. There are limited pieces available.  But they are available at my online store with very good price!

The Hermes 24/24 Bag was official released in store around December 2018 or a bit earlier. The design is distinctive because it feels like somewhere between the Birkin and Kelly due to the structure. If it were created by another brand, we would think that it was another copy of the Hermes style.

You can sense the bulky shape that it’s a large bag. The wave lines on the sides exposes that the structure is flexible. The curvy top handles are both stylish and extremely useful for toting. The front comes with a flap and a chic lock. And also, it comes with a long strap for shoulder carry. Basically this bag has it all – the look, the functionality and even the interior. It’s perfect for special occasions or just for work.

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