Louis Vuitton Zoe Wallet

Meet Louis Vuitton Zoe Wallet, a small but compact wallet with a practical interior. First of all, we love the mix of colors. The body is made in Damier Azur or Ebene (white or brown shades) while the flap is crafted from bright color. You have choices like yellow, pink and blue.

The flap is made from solid cowhide leather and the Damier is one of the house’s most durable and famous canvas. But really, a good wallet starts from the inside not the outside. Take a look at the interior below:

Inside there are the basics 5 card slots, 1 large flat pocket for holding small items or paper money. But there is also a handy zipped coin pocket crafted inside, which is one of my favorites.

It is measuring 9.5×7.5x3cm, comes out many other colors.

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Louis Vuitton Seashore Espadrilles

It’s Espadrilles time again; let’s start with Louis Vuitton. So what’s new? The Louis Vuitton Seashore Espadrilles of course from the latest collection.

Perfect for day, ideal for beach and it’s better to wear before the winter. These Seashore Shoes (and I love the name) is designed with Canvas that gives a soft color. Canvas is comfy and the braided-rope sole makes it walk-able.

The oversized LV initials are marked on the top while the Monogram Canvas is put on the back loop as a finishing touch. So do you love these shoes?

It comes out  many other colors.

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Louis vuitton Toupie Bag

A playful evening bag that reminds you a bit of Asian lanterns, meet the Louis Vuitton Toupie Bag from the Pre-Fall Winter 2019 Collection.

The Toupie Bag is the perfect conversation starter because it looks different than regular clutch bag. It’s crafted in a disc shake like a Frisbee and there are 3 unique elements embellished.

First the bottom is crafted with a tassel. Secondly, the two golden zips add more shine to the overall look. Third the top is made with leather cord strap of 14.6’ inches drop for shoulder or hand carry.

So basically, it’s not only a clutch bag but also a shoulder bag.

The inside is built with 2 compartments and 1 padlock is also included.

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Louis Vuitton Artycapucines Bag

Louis Vuitton has a classic bag called Artsy, but this about taking the Capucines to a new level. The new collection gives artists an opportunity to express themselves on the Capucines Bag. With their imagination, they draw, create and embellished the Capucines as beautiful as paintings in the museums.

This limited edition line is called Artycapucines Collection. It’s almost the same concept as the Louis Vuitton Iconoclasts, where famous fashion designers were invited like Karl Lagerfeld to help revamp the Monogram Canvas Bags.

Each one of these Capucines Bag has its own characteristics. But one thing is certain, none of them are boring. Each handbag is also named after the artists. Take a look at these handbag .

Louis Vuitton Pochette Trunk Verticale Bag

Verticale Bags are the next trend, do you have one yet? Louis Vuitton introduces the Pochette Trunk Verticale Bag for the Spring Summer 2019 Collection.

The design of this bag looks very much like the Eye-Trunk Phone Case. The Pochette Trunk Verticale can hold not only 1 phone, but it can hold 2 phones.

This Pochette Trunk Bag is also praised as the new interpretation of the iconic Essential Trunk. It comes in the classic Monogram Canvas or discreet Epi Leather. And of course, it’s finalized with historic trunk details like the S-Lock.

Because of the design, this Verticale Trunk Bag could be used as a Phone Holder or as a replacement of the WOC and other small evening bags.

This bag is measuring 11×17.5×3.5cm, also comes in other colors . These bags are avaliable at my online store, is it worth your investment? Welcome to contact with me :

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Louis Vuitton Beaumarchais Bag VS Louis Vuitton Vaugirard Bag

Both handbags have just been released. However, they both look very much alike.

Take a look at the Vaugirard Bag:

Now compare it with the Beaumarchais Bag:

So what are differences?

1. The Beaumarchais Bag features a Buckle Strap while the Vaugirard Bag features a lock.

2. The sides of The Beaumarchais Bag is crafted in leather while the Vaugirard Bag is made in Monogram Canvas

3. Both have different leather shoulder strap in size and colors.

4. The flap is also slightly different; The Beaumarchais Bag is more envelope-shaped while the Vaugirard Bag is curved.

5. The Beaumarchais Bag comes with a keybell.

And how about the similarities?

1. Both bags have similar shape (or almost similar)

2. Both comes with the same top handle

3. Both are crafted part leather and part Monogram

Now let’s talk about the features of the Beaumarchais Bag. If you want to read more about the other bag, please contact with me !

The leather part of the Beaumarchais Bag is made from small supple grain cowhide leather. The interior features 2 inside compartments and an inside flat pocket. There is also a front flat pocket available.

It is also come out with other colors. Which color do you like best?

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Louis Vuitton Lockme Box

Don’t you love the Lockme Collection? There are endless of gorgeous things like the Louis Vuitton Lockme Box. If you ever need a cosmetic or jewelry case, the Lockme is there next to you.

The Lockme Box is elegant, useful and perfect as a gift to receive or give. Well, now let’s take a closer look at it.

The vintage-inspired circular design is elevated by the textures. The top is gorgeously made with Monogram Canvas while the lower part is crafted with glazed leather for a glamorous touch. An LV lock in gold hardware sits on the top of the box as a signature finishing.

It also came out other colors .

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Louis Vuitton Vaugirard Bag

Named after a unique street in Paris, Louis Vuitton has done it again. For those that are interested, Rue de Vaugirard (Vaugirard Street) is the longest street inside Paris Walls. It stretched 4.3 km (2.7 miles) and spans the 6th and 15th arrondissements. This street is a one-way road but it goes all the way to the edge of Paris.

The name is pretty, but the bag is beautiful too. Never have there been a bag named Vaugirard.

This high fashion piece is inspired by a messenger bag, but with just one look, we can see that LV has gathered all the famous pieces together. The bag has a handle as well as a shoulder strap while designed with a messenger-bag-shape. So it’s perfect for all occasions, ideal for work too.

When looking further into the details, the bag is made from Monogram Canvas mixed with smooth and grained leather. It’s eye-catching indeed.

The removable strap is 13.4’ inch drop with a max length of 21.3’ inch. The center is crafted with a stunning magnetic padlock closure. The interior is built with 1 main compartment, 2 compartments and 1 flat pocket.

And oh yes, if you find it handy, there is also an outside flat front pocket available.

This bag is measuring 26x19x9.5cm, they are avaliable at my online store,top quality with good price.

So what do you think?

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Louis Vuitton Grenelle Bag

Fashion never sleeps; the Louis Vuitton Grenelle Bag is the newest One Handle Bag that will help you shine in the upcoming summer. This bag is introduced for the Spring Summer 2019 Collection.

The Grenelle Bag features a curvy handle but it also comes with a thick and long strap for over-the-shoulder or cross-body wear. It’s a true lady bag that’s structured and elegant for everyday use.

The body is made with grained Epi Leather while the center is crafted with a colored LV logo. This bag is clean, stream-lined and it holds shape. And also, it comes with a chic tag that’s attached to the handle.

Inside you will find 1 main compartment with a zip pocket.

More colors

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Louis Vuitton New Wave Camera Bag

Louis Vuitton launches the New Wave Camera Bag, which is a new addition to the New Wave Collection that already includes the shoulder bag, tote bag and the heart bag.

This Camera Bag is crafted in quilted calfskin with the Wave Pattern on the body. The center comes with the latest LV logo as well as the multicolor Vuitton signature zip strap that brings a modern feel. Store your essentials in the interior or in the front flat pocket for quick access.

More images

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