Chanel Bi-Color Deauville Bag with Wool Felt and Calfskin

The famous Chanel Deauville Bag has become more sophisticated. There are 2 new versions created for the Fall Winter 2019 Collection. Both are made in bi-colors mixed with Wool Felt and Calfskin. But there is 1 style designed with quilting on the side-wings.

So which one do you like? 1 style has side-wings made in Wool and Felt, while the front is crafted with calfskin. The 2nd version is made with quilted calfskin on the side-wings while the front is crafted with Wool and Felt. Both are stunning and come with colors that matches.

The side-quilting is something new though. It’s the first-time that Chanel has embellished diamond quilting on the Deauville Bag. And here are the details:

The medium size is mesauring 35cm, and the large size is measuring 44cm. They are all avaliable in my online store, top quality with good prices. Welcome to contact with me !


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Chanel Heart, Pearl and Snow Flake Brooches

This season’s collection is really a blessing; there are so many beautiful pieces that we don’t have enough time to grab them all. One of the things that caught my attention as well is the Chanel Brooches that are designed for the upcoming winter.

I find pearls, transparent minimalistic styles with snowflake shaped brooches very eye-catching. Some are heart-shaped with gorgeous CC logo embellished. Of course, if you got a chance to buy more, grab either a pair of earring or a beautiful brooch. Let’s take a look :

Chanel Transparent Perfume Bottle Brooch
Style code: AB2543

Chanel Transparent SnowFlake Brooch
Style code: AB2544

Chanel Heart Pearl CC Brooch
Style code: AB2598

Chanel Glass Pearl SnowFlake Brooch
Style code: AB2329

Chanel Double Pearl Snowflake Brooch
Style code: AB2272

Chanel Signature Pearl Brooch
Style code: AB2806

Chanel Star Pearl Brooch
Style code: AB2342

Chanel Symbolic Snowflake Brooch
Style code: AB2343

What do you think?

Chanel Fall Winter 2019 Earring Collection Act 2

As a part of the Chanel FW 2019 Collection, here is part 2. If you ask me which one of these I have to choose, I would pick all of them , because each earring is just stunning. But there are all kinds of styles available for this season and you might find YOUR favorite somewhere in between.

So when you’re heading to Chanel to buy a handbag, perhaps it’s time to invest into earrings as well.

Chanel Heart CC Clip-On Earrings
Style code: AB2597

Chanel Pearls And Gem Stones Earrings
Style code: AB2684

Chanel CC Pearl Long Clip-On Earrings
Style code: AB2276

Chanel Pearl Drop Earrings
Style code: AB2279

Chanel Signature Drop Earrings
Style code: AB2811

Chanel Small CC Earring with Charms
Style code: AB1831

Chanel Charm Drop Earrings
Style code: AB2554

Chanel Small Gold Earrings
Style code: AB2687

Chanel CC Pearl Drop Earrings
Style code: AB2812

Chanel CC Flower Earrings
Style code: AB2623

Chanel Heart And Arrow Earrings
Style code: AB2633

Chanel Woven Leather Pearl Earrings
Style code: AB2674

Chanel CC Long Pearl Earrings
Style code: AB2438

So which one do you prefer?

Chanel Gold Class CC Handle Bag


For the top handle fans that are looking beyond the Coco Handle Bag, here is one that’s perfect for everyday use, yet it’s a nice limited piece from the Fall Winter 2019 Collection. We call it the Golden Class CC Bag because it looks very much like the Golden Class Bag thanks to the gold plate in the centre with a CC in 3D shape hanging.

The newest Top Handle Bag is made from calfskin, which is solid leather and requires low maintenance. This is ideal because it will become your bag for work, for day and even for the weekends.

What I also like is the size. It’s equivalent or even bigger than the Coco Handle Bag (in calfskin handle) in medium size.

In terms of design, this Handle Bag is uniquely designed with the flap in diamond quilting while the bottom is refined in chevron quilting. It does come with a chic woven chain leather strap for shoulder carry as well as a handle for hand carry.

And not to even mention the beautiful CC clasp that mirrors the one on the Golden Class CC Bag.

It has two sizes, the small size is measuring 22×7.5×15.5cm, the medium size is measuring 29×7.5x21cm. You can choose your suitable size according to your needs.

It is avaliable in my online store, top quality with good price. Welcome to contact with me .


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Louis Vuitton Artsy Bag


Get ready! Art pieces are soon invading your world and the top luxurious fashion house- Louis Vuitton is taking this trend to a new level. Everyone is obsessed with these Louis Vuitton Artsy bags that are just cutely begging to be at your home. Artsy is like your under-the-radar, giving you a totally hobo-vibe. Complete with stylized silhouette, effortless style, eye-candy features (that are very artsy) and exquisite handcrafted leather handles, these totes are the next Louis Vuitton luxury.

The Spring Summer 2010 Ad Campaign, starring Lara Stone showcased the very first design of this Artsy handbag. Channelling a free and carefree spirit and Louis Vuitton’s sophistication, this bag can be the perfect example of modern-meets-traditional.

What sets this bag further apart? Of course, its exemplary design! Artsy’s design boasts a slouchy silhouette, bag charms, sturdy leather handles with braided detailing and bottom feet. This hobo is in disguise; though the bag looks slouchy, it holds shape.

Isn’t that fantabulous to have in your hands! The shiny hardware includes the eyelets, handle rings, D-rings and loop charms that add five stars to the design. The ever-adorable bag charm also acts as a key hanger. A durable canvas with wide sides and tapered top along with the strong handle that is bowed from one top corner to the other makes the design even more exemplary.

Add the perfect little bottom feet for protection against dirt and you are all set to go! The bag won’t fall down and the contents won’t spill, these small little feet would help it stand upright.

The top opens to a microfiber interior with 6 patch pockets, a long zipper pocket and the main compartment to store everything you need on a day-to-day travel basis.

Its most admirable trait is the D-ring used for keys and bag charms. These beautiful bag charms further acts as a key hanger inside your bag.

More colors

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Louis Vuitton Keepall bandouliere Bag


Like a good old globetrotter, travel around the countries, carrying a legendary duffle bag right away from the fashion house of Louis Vuitton. If you are up for a weekend travel, the Keepall bag is here, if you want to travel light, the Keepall bag is here, if you want to pack for overnight the Keepall bag is of course here! Yes, the Louis Vuitton Keepall Bag has been known for decades (for over 90 years!) as a must-have designer luxury, especially for travelling.

Generations after generations this treasure has been ushered to the contemporary era with its earlier glory intact, just look at any up-to-the-minute celeb magazine, you would find the Keepall Bag with many celebrities at the airport or during travelling. In its initial or perhaps let’s say- during 1850s, Louis Vuitton was a famous luggage maker, as the years passed it has came known as the luxurious house of durable and exquisite travel bags. And in 1930, we were well aware with Tient Tout (Hold-all) or Keepall bags, these were just made for a perfect long vacation.

You remember Audrey Hepburn? Yes-yes, that iconic actress! In later years, she requested a more portable and smaller version of Keepall (she was that fascinated by this beauty), and off course the response of Louis Vuitton had to be your beloved Speedy! If you are acquainted with the Greenwich bag, then the Keepall is much versatile and can be used for many occasions. Also, you would find this as a legendary classic style unlike your Greenwich.

What’s not to love about this soft-sided luggage bag! The Keepall is a complete carryall with LV reinforced signature top handles, LV iconic lock (padlock and keys), a removable leather ID holder, a long shoulder cross-body strap, a double zipper and a gorgeously polished hardware. You might have also seen this leather goodness with tons of celebs, as they do want their one-off style statement.

You can’t just believe the fact that a trunk manufacturing brand (our lovely-Louis Vuitton) can come up with such an exemplary large duffle bag for travel purpose. Not only Keepall is available in many styles but it also comes with an extra long shoulder strap with specialized monogramming, if you are ready to spend a few more bucks. There’s one more version of this handbag, and that’s a Keepall Bandouliere that comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, where the term ‘bandouliere’ means shoulder.

Trying to figure out which size to take? Just lighten up, as you have every size suitable for you, options ar 45, 50, 55, and 60. Whereas 45 size is best for travelling for a short-term, 55 is huge cabin-sized to carry comfortably in the airport, it’s actually made for travelling long distance.

Take a look:

Luckily, we are blessed with a generous interior as well. This Keepall bag is a perfect carry-all with a spacious interior for your travel necessities. It does come with keys to secure your belongings. Best part? The bag isn’t checked but carried by you to the plane.

More styles

So make room for a Keepall bag in that pretty little closet of yours. It is avaliable in my online store, authentic quality with good price, welcome to contact with me .


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Chanel Chain Infinity WOC

We usually don’t talk much about WOC, unless it’s something really special. And we think we found a unique piece.

This WOC is not only diamond quilted, but it’s also embellished with the latest ‘chain infinity’ charm. This charm is designed with woven chain leather and inside it’s finished with a CC logo.

Take a look:

It is measuring 12.3x3x19cm, which is avaliable in my online store, top quality with good price. So what are you waiting for ? Contact with me .


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Gucci 1955 Horsebit Bag

Giving you the best of the best, the Gucci 1955 Horsebit Bag is everything under one roof. This bag is recreated from an archival design, with the same lines and shape as 6 decades ago. However, the bag is slightly altered to meet our modern needs. And of course, it highlights the most important, which is the Horsebit. The Horsebit is the house’s iconic feature.

Introduced for the Cruise 2020 Collection, this bag might soon join one of the house’s iconic. It’s featured in Monogram Fabric, but perhaps it will also be introduced in leather version in the future. The body is refined with beige/ebony GG Supreme Canvas and there is more.

The half horsebit detail is also embellished at each side. There is a special mechanism designed that adjust the length of the shoulder strap so it can be used for shoulder and cross body carry.

So what do you think? Do you love it ? Welcome to contact with me !

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Dior Saddle Velvet Bag

Not everyone loves Velvet. When Chanel introduced the first Classic Flap Bag in Velvet, it was not an instant-hit. I think it’s because Velvet is not as durable as leather, but it gives a different experience. If you like smooth and soft bags, then the Dior Saddle Velvet Bag would be your choice.

Today, Velvet is becoming more popular. And this is also the first Dior saddle Bag in Velvet. Velvet gives the bag a brighter and shinier color. If you choose black, it’s hard to see. But the color of the bag is sharper if you choose shades like red or green.

Sometimes Velvet is cheaper than leather, but nowadays it’s not necessary so.

So what do you think? Would you buy a Velvet Bag or a Lambskin Bag?

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Dior Embroidered Flowers On Bag

It’s that time of the year where flowers blossom and the sun shines bright.   What kind of bag would you be carrying?

Dior has a special announcement to make. The Dior Embroidered Flowers On Bag is beyond stunning. It’s unlike any other styles, the front of these handbags are embellished with different kinds of flowers in different shapes. It’s like a whole group of flowers are blooming on your bag.

The Embroidered Flowers On Bag style has been crafted on the Saddle Bag and the Lady Dior Bag. In the future, there might be more variations available. These handbags are made from lambskin.

Take a good look at the flowers and then on the overall design of these bags. You will notice that the flower matches to the colour of the bag as well as the Dior charm.

Take a look at the details below:

More color and images

It is measuring 17x15x7cm, avaliable in my online store . Top quality with good price, if you are interested, please feel free to contact with me !