Dior Embroidered Flowers On Bag

It’s that time of the year where flowers blossom and the sun shines bright.   What kind of bag would you be carrying?

Dior has a special announcement to make. The Dior Embroidered Flowers On Bag is beyond stunning. It’s unlike any other styles, the front of these handbags are embellished with different kinds of flowers in different shapes. It’s like a whole group of flowers are blooming on your bag.

The Embroidered Flowers On Bag style has been crafted on the Saddle Bag and the Lady Dior Bag. In the future, there might be more variations available. These handbags are made from lambskin.

Take a good look at the flowers and then on the overall design of these bags. You will notice that the flower matches to the colour of the bag as well as the Dior charm.

Take a look at the details below:

More color and images

It is measuring 17x15x7cm, avaliable in my online store . Top quality with good price, if you are interested, please feel free to contact with me !


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