Louis Vuitton OOTHEGO Limited Edition Bags

Today let’s learn a new bag which is perfect for travel.

First let’s talk about the Louis Vuitton On The Go Bag. There is more than the eyes can see. The front is crafted with the new Giant Monogram Canvas, but the edges are refined with classic small Monograms. More over, the sides are dark blue while the front is light blue. The back is made in dark blue as well, but the most important details might be the round logo embellished on the front left. This logo reads: ‘Louis Vuitton 1854’.

For those that are interested, measuring 41 x 34 x 19 cm.

And one more thing about the On The Go Bag. You can transform the handles from short to long. So this is a two-in-one bag, a tote + shopping bag.

So what do you think ? It is avaliable in my online store, top quality with good price! Welcome to contact with me !

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